The Humane Society of El Paso is a non-profit organization. We receive no financial support from the municipal, county, state or federal governmental agencies, nor are we affiliated with any national organizations.

We are able to do our work because of generous donations from individuals like you, local business support, grants and bequests. If it were not for you, the HSEP would not exist.

Where does your donation go?

The Humane Society of El Paso provides quality care and a safe, healthy, temporary shelter for thousands of animals every year. We provide public education regarding responsible pet ownership, low cost humane euthanasia services and we have the only pet crematorium in the city. These are just a few of the many services that the HSEP provides for the community and it is all made possible because of your pledge!

Other Ways to Give

Estate & Planned Giving

In addition to making current gifts to the El Paso Humane Society, consider making gifts that will benefit us in the future. Planned giving can be especially attractive if you want to benefit the Humane Society, but you are concerned about having enough assets and income for your and your family during your lifetime.

Sponsor an Event

How can you help save more lives? There’s a variety of ways but one of the best ways is to sponsor an event!

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