Host a Fundraiser

It’s takes more than time and love to run a shelter. Hosting a fundraiser to collect monetary donations or items for the on our shelter wish list helps us provide the care our rescues need until they find their forever homes.

Thank you for your interest in running a fundraiser for the Humane Society of El Paso! If you have any questions about hosting a fundriaser, please contact Ryan Coulehan, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator via email with questions:

Please email at least a month in advance of your special event.

Here’s what you need to know before you get started:

Volunteer Assistance

In most cases, due to budget and resource constraints, the HSEP is unable to provide staff or volunteers for your function. If you feel, however, that staff or volunteer presence is needed at your event, please contact me and I will work with you and see what we can arrange together.

Pets at Events

The HSEP is unable to loan out any animals, however, if your event does not conflict with any other events we may be able to setup an offsite adoption at the event. For more information about offsite adoption events, please contact Amanda Sanders, Offsite Coordinator, at

Event Promotion

Once approved to host a fundraiser the HSEP is able to help market the event by posting fliers or other information provided by you about the event in the shelter, on our social media and website. If your organization or company has any social media outlets we are more than happy to cross promote and tag you in any posts.

If your event includes any promotional print material, please let us know so that we can send you the HSEP’s official logo. Because the logo has been recently updated, please use the logo we supply you with for any of your promotions. We would also like to see any promotional materials that you will be using.

When referring to the HSEP in any event promotions, please use the organization’s official title, The Humane Society of El Paso.

The HSEP has an advance promotional and publicity calendar that is composed of targeted marketing plans for the HSEP's pre-existing events, programs, services, and more. In accordance with this calendar, the HSEP's television, radio, and newspaper releases are already confirmed and we are unable to release news of community fundraisers and events to external media sources.

Donation Proceeds

If partial proceeds of your event will be donated to the HSEP, please tell me what percentage will be donated to the HSEP. It is your responsibility to advertise the fact that partial proceeds will benefit the HSEP on all of your event materials.

In general, the HSEP is more likely to participate in your event if we are the sole benefactor. If, however, your event will benefit multiple organizations, the HSEP would like to know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest and we hope your event is a success! We greatly appreciate your efforts. Again please let us know well in advance and feel free to ask any questions you may have. After the event you can write a check out to The Humane Society of El Paso and either drop it off at the shelter or mail it to 4991 Fred Wilson Avenue. We’d love to have you swing by so we can take a picture and thank you on our social media and website.