Amadeus Grey

A rescues road to recovery.

A 10 month old blue nose pit-bull was picked up by Animal Services in San Elizario on September 26th.

He is missing his left leg and tail. It’s unknown what caused his injuries but it was evident that the pup was neglected and severely malnourished.

Upon arriving at the City of El Paso Animal Services’ shelter, he was transferred to Humane Society of El Paso.

Animal Trainer Meryem Martinez and staff assisted in cleaning him up. He was covered in ticks and maggots, and has several wounds through his body.

After he was cleaned up and fed he was rushed to El Paso Northeast Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Giles was very compassionate, and did a full exam.

He aged the pittie at 10 months old and said he had been malnourished for months because of this his growth was stunted. He weighed in at 16 pounds and his blood work indicated that he was anemic.

The injuries to his left leg and tail looked about 2-3 weeks old.

Despite all of his injuries and issues Dr. Giles said he had a fighting chance.

A recovery plan was developed and medications where prescribed. He was given fluids and a blood transfusion was scheduled.

Staff collectively decided on a name for the pup: Amadeus Grey. Seeing the puppy in this state evoked great emotion not only from the shelter staff, but the staff at the clinic.

Amadeus was Mozart’s, a famous composer, middle name. He’s known as the prodigy who composed hundreds of musical works, marked by vivid emotion.  

Despite being so hurt, left behind, and weak, Amadeus has a very sweet demeanor.

He is in foster care now and responding well to TLC, but has a long road ahead of him.

Once he is healthy and weighs enough his leg well have to be amputated.

The Humane Society of El Paso has a special fund for animals like Amadeus who require extensive veterinary care called the Shelbie Fund.

The shelter is a local non-profit and is funded through adoption fees, donations, fundraising, and grants.

If you’d like to help us with special cases like this please donate to Shelbie’s Fund. Amadeus will need a lot of special care on his road to recovery so we’ve setup a special project just for him.

At the moment the anticipated cost of treatment, including medications, checkups and amputation is around $2,000.

The shelter will continue to post updates of Amadeus’s road to recovery. There are a lot of others like him. Again, it’s unclear what caused his injuries but one thing is certain: he was severely neglected.      

If you see neglect or animal abuse, please report it to the proper authorities.

Speak up for the voiceless and help us prevent this from happening to other animals. 

Special thanks to El Paso Animal Services for finding Amadeus and bringing him to our attention.


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