Enrichment Program & Tiny House

With the addition of our enrichment and trainer consultant we have officially created and launched our enrichment program in 2016. This program ensures that our rescues are happy, socialized and some even learn new tricks and basic cues.


We have a daily schedule that includes mental stimulation, kennel enrichment, socialization, play groups and so much more.  

Our enrichment and trainer consultant also helps to identify rescues that have a hard time transitioning into the shelter and provides extra attention to ensure they feel at home and works with them individually.

Enrichment is very important for rescues and our team is learning new and creative ways to help the program grow.

Along with a daily enrichment schedule we'd like to change how we do dinner time and make it fun with PVC feeders that help mentally stimulate the dogs.  We've made a handful of these feeders to try them out. Here's a look at one of our high energy adult rescues enjoying his dinner a different way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HByRhou2mYQ&feature=youtu.be 

"PVC feeders allow the dogs to exhibit natural dog behaviors such as scavenging and foraging. It provides mental stimulation and well as physical exercise. It also helps reduce digestive problems in dogs that eat too quickly."

Our goal is to feed at least 65% of the dogs this way for dinner each day. These feeders cost about $18-24 each to make. The end caps are the most expensive parts. And it takes time to sanitize them each day as well. 100% would mean we need at least 120 feeders.

In order to really help create more quiet space and work on de-stressing and even basic training we launched a project to create the 'Tiny House'

It's a real life living space so that rescues that are especially stressed and having a difficult time in the shelter environment have a place to relax and feel at home.

Thanks to donations made to Shelbie's Christmas Letter the house is now complete and just missing furnishing.

We are now looking for donations to purchase pet friendly furniture and a few other amenities to add the finishing touches to the tiny house.

A grand opening will be scheduled in early May.

In order to cover cost for the PVC feeders and furnish the Tiny House we need your help!

We ask that you please consider donating to the enrichment program and we invite you to come in and see how this concept and practice is making our shelter a better place for our rescues.

Our goal is to fund these big projects and have them completed by end of April.

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