Jessie Sunflower

Many animals suffer and die in our city everyday, but on very special days the Humane Society of El Paso gets to save a very special dog. This project is to help this special dog recover from her hellish ordeal.


This is Jessie Sunflower. Miss Jessie is a four year old Bloodhound, who spent three days cramped in a small cage at Animal Services after being picked up as a stray. On the first day of her holding, an employee of the Humane Society of El Paso tagged her for transfer. When the three day hold expired, it became obvious that Jessie had no control of her back half, and could not even stand. The type of injury that causes paralysis to this extent is excruciating, and the HSEP transferred Jessie, intending to humanely end her suffering.

Something interesting happened when Jessie got out into the sunlight. She suddenly perked up, as if realizing that not all was lost. Upon further examination, the HSEP staff decided that this dog deserved a chance, so she was rushed to Northeast Vet Clinic.

Jessie was severely underweight, and discovered to have numerous wounds on her body. Obviously no one had loved Jessie in a very long time. However, a ray of hope shown through the despair: the vet found that Jessie had some voluntary movement in her back legs. Jessie was taken back for x-rays twice, because the results were too difficult to believe the first time.

The x-ray showed that the docile, sweet, and gentle dog who had already stolen many hearts at the shelter had a bullet lodged in her back, along with multiple pellets. Jessie had been shot several times with a BB gun, and at least once with a handgun. The damage done by the bullet was obvious on the x-ray, as was the bullet’s path. The bullet entered through Jessie’s lower back and traveled forward, indicating she was trying to escape. 

Jessie Sunflower survived hell, and finally caught a break: with six weeks of intense care and therapy, she is likely to recover. Fortunately she does not need surgery. Many animals in our city are not as lucky; many endure terrible cruelties, and leave this earth never knowing true kindness. Jessie may have had a rough past, but the Humane Society of El Paso will not give up until Jessie blossoms into the beautiful girl she was meant to be. In her ultimate darkness, Jessie held on to a glimmering light of hope. Jessie Sunflower will grow from the muck and the mire, and be that much stronger for having risen above it.

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