Vixey is a sweet, albeit shy, dog with a serious health issue. Thanks to Shelbie's Fund, a fund started by the late Shelbie the Shelter Dog herself, Vixey is currently receiving treatment for her illness, and the prognosis is very good.


Update! Vixey is officially cleared for adoption as of April 12th!

Shelbie's Fund was established many years ago when Shelbie needed major surgery. El Paso's support was so overwhelming that the shelter could pay a private vet for Shelbie's procedure, and had money to spare. That money was set aside to be used for shelter animals who need medical treatment that is beyond the scope of what the shelter can handle. Since its establishment, Shelbie's Fund has grown and saved number animals' lives.

The next shelter dog to benefit from Shelbie's Fund is Vixey, a two year old Hound Mix that was transferred from Animal Services on December 12th.

Vixey had minor hernias when she was transferred, and these were quickly fixed. Vixey spent some time in a foster home, and returned to the shelter once she was ready to be adopted.

At the shelter, it was noted on several occasions that Vixey's urine was tinted with blood. Vixey was treated for a urinary tract infection, but the symptoms persisted. Upon further examination, a growth was discovered.

At this point, HSEP personnel made the decision to take Vixey to Crossroads Animal Hospital. The growth was biopsied, and found to be a Transmissible Venereal Tumor, or TVT. TVT is caused by a sexually transmitted infection, which Vixey likely contracted while she was a stray.

Had Vixey been spayed, not to mention properly cared for and confined, she arguably would not have contracted the STI, and would not have developed TVT.

Fortunately, the disorder is extremely treatable, and the prognosis for Vixey is very good! Vixey is currently being treated with chemotherapy on a weekly basis, and already has two treatments under her belt. Since she is visiting the office so often, Vixey is growing quite found of the staff at Crossroads!

Compared to other animals Shelbie’s Fund has saved, such as Amadeus Grey and Jessie Sunflower, Vixey’s treatment is mild and inexpensive; that being said, the Humane Society of El Paso could not have saved Vixey were it not for the support of the community and Shelbie’s Fund. Vixey's treament is nearly completely paid for, but the Humane Society of El Paso is asking for your support again to cover the rest of the cost of Vixey's, and generate more funds to save more animals in the future.

Thank you El Paso for letting the HSEP save animals like Vixey; thank you Crossroads for taking such good care of the little lady; and thank you Shelbie, for continuing to help her friends in need, even after her passing.

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