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Shiloh, the "shelter dog" is adopted!

Shiloh has been the voice of rescue animals in the community and the face of the Humane Society of El Paso since January. Recently, however, management at the Humane Society of El Paso decided the best way for Shiloh to represent shelter animals is to live out the ultimate goal: adoption!

Young animal lovers make a big difference

Wednesday, May 17th, the HSEP was visited by two groups of students who conducted donation drives at their schools. The Humane Society of El Paso is overwhelmed by the students’ passion to help out, and by all of the hard work they put in. It is not often that kiddos of such young ages do so much for their community, and for the homeless animals within it.

Happy Mother's Day

The Humane Society of El Paso wants to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate, we are highlighting the amazing mother animals that are currently at the shelter, awaiting adoption.

"Faline" in love with this puppy!

Faline is a special pup, who sees the world a little different. Faline has vestibular disease, which causes issues with her balance. Faline holds her head sideways, and often walks in circles, but that does not stop her from being the happiest, peppiest puppy she can be!

Purr-fectly adoptable

Looking to adopt a feline? Here are a few of the HSEP's adoptable cats!

Adorable and adoptable!

These eight adoptable dogs are ready to find a home with someone like you!

Shiloh steps down

It is only after much consideration that the Humane Society of El Paso announces that Shiloh will no longer be the Shelter Dog, and will go up for adoption. This is in no way a reflection of Shiloh, as she was a superb Shelter Dog; HSEP personnel simply feel that Shiloh deserves the opportunity to be someone’s dog, not just the Shelter Dog.

Diva's Dog Treats

Young Leah and her family adopted a rescue dog from the Humane Society of El Paso while they lived in El Paso. The dog was named Heidi, and served as the inspiration for Leah's first entrepreneurial endeavor: Diva's Dog Treats.

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day Success

Everyday, shelter pets await adoption, but Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is a BIG day for shelters across

Another K-9 Classic on the books

The 28th Annual K-9 Classic took place on a beautiful spring day. Dog lovers and HSEP supporters came from all over El Paso to Walk for All Animals, shop the vendor booths, and show their own pets a great time!

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