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From Foster to Fur-ever!

Sandy was with the Humane Society of El Paso for a very long time, but she did not spend all of her time in a kennel: Sandy was part of the "Adopt Me" Foster Program, and went straight from a foster home to a fur-ever home!

Stevie, the special cat

Stevie is probably the coolest cat you'll ever meet: he is mellow, affectionate, and friendly to everyone he meets. It also happens that Stevie was born without eyes!

Matilda, the 1000th transfer!

Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” is intelligent, powerful, and a true friend to those she cares for; the Humane Society of El Paso’s Matilda is all of these things, and so much more

Pinkie's hap-paw-ly ever after

Pinkie called the Humane Society of El Paso home for a lengthy 6 months. She was shy, and preferred the company of dogs to people. With time, patience, and commitment, though, HSEP personnel were able to bring Pinkie out of her shell. Thanks to their diligence, Pinkie now has the home of her dreams.

Patient Pits

Their patience is running thin!

Celine is adopted!

Celine is happy and in her fur-ever home, but she wanted to take a moment to thank her temporary family, the staff at the Humane Society of El Paso. She believes that she is everything she is, because they loved her!

Dog of the Week: Pinkie

Lively, bold, and full of spirit: Pinkie is the one for YOU!

Thanks, Troop 65904!

Tremendous gratitude goes out to Troop 65904 for using their cookie money to help rescues at the HSEP!

Sammy is Adopted

Sammy was the HSEP's Cat of the Week, although he had been at the shelter for months. Sammy had a sad history, but he finally has a loving home where he is certain to have a bright future!

Dog of the Week: Celine

Near, far, wherever you are, Celine wants you to adopt her!

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