Long, lost Cleo

Meet Cleo, a ten year old Bull Terrier. Cleo was found in Las Cruces, and the HSEP’s friends at Mesilla Valley Animal Services Center called to have her picked up. Cleo had a microchip that was registered to a family in El Paso, so naturally having the dog back in the city would make a reunion easier.

This was no regular reunion, however.

Cleo was stolen from the family’s front yard when she was two years old. At age ten, this family went eight years without knowing where their dog was, if she was safe, or even if she was alive or dead.

When the family got the call, they were confused at first, and once it clicked who the dog was, they were overwhelmed with emotion.

After eight long years, Cleo finally found her way home. Were it not for her microchip, Cleo’s fate would have remained a mystery.

Please, microchip your animals! No one wants to believe their beloved pet can get lost, but should the worst happen, a microchip is one of the best ways to get your baby back.