Señor Amor: Sharing the Love!

City of El Paso Animal Services is taking huge leaps toward becoming a no-kill shelter. Under the leadership of Kurt Fenstermacher and with the ever-growing support of El Paso, Animal Services is now able to improve their facilities, get animals back home, and save lives like never before. In January, the shelter’s live release rate was an impressive 78.18% (Animal Services Advisory Committee, 2017. p. 2). This rate is a significant improvement on January 2016’s live release rate of about 53% (ASAC, 2016. p. 4).

The Humane Society of El Paso is extremely proud of its friends and neighbors, and is very excited to be a part of making El Paso a no-kill community.

The Humane Society of El Paso transfers half of its animal population from Animal Services, and intakes the other half as owner surrendered pets. The HSEP hopes to rescue 4,000 animals in 2017, which would mean 2,000 animals from the public, and 2,000 from Animal Services. The HSEP is very excited to share that it has reached its 500th transfer for 2017!

To commemorate this first milestone, the HSEP would like to introduce you to Señor Amor, the 500th transfer of 2017! Señor Amor was at Animal Services from February 14th to March 29. Being that he arrived on Valentine’s Day and he is such a love-bug, Señor Amor seemed like an all too perfect moniker. Señor Amor is about eight years old, but is still a vivacious little man. Señor Amor will be up for adoption at the Humane Society of El Paso starting on Thursday, March 30th.

Animal Services is a kill shelter, though they are surely en route to changing that. The law requires that animals without identification be given three days to be reclaimed, and animals with identification be given seven days. After this period, the animal is legally able to be adopted, transferred to a rescue, or, in the worst case, euthanized. Thanks to the impressive adoption numbers and support from all over El Paso, Animal Services is able to hold onto dogs like Señor Amor longer, giving them an extra shot at a hap-paw-ly ever after!

Thank you, El Paso, for your continued support of the City of El Paso Animal Services, the Humane Society of El Paso, and all of the pets of the community! There is still a long road ahead of us all, though.

Please, continue to donate, adopt, and spread the word; no one can do everything on their own, but we can all do something to make El Paso a no-kill community!


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