Storytime for Shelter Dogs

Once upon a time, at the Humane Society of El Paso, the shelter dogs were visited by a group of 4th and 5th graders. Every dog was read a story, and looked forward to living happily ever after!

Shelter Enrichment is vital to the mental well-being of the dogs at the HSEP: enrichment means playgroups, treats, toys, and mental stimulation. The dogs get plenty of exercise and toys throughout the day, but they do not get to enjoy simple company and a story often.

Friday, March 17th, was a special morning for the shelter dogs. Fourteen students from Ft. Bliss School Age Students Center visited the shelter with the goal of reading to the dogs. This project is great for the students because they have the opportunity to practice their reading skills, learn about dogs, and visit the HSEP; the project is even better for the dogs, however, because they get company and mental stimualtion.

Each of the dogs listened intently to the stories, wagging their tails throughout the whole thing. Even the more shy dogs came out of their shells!

Huge thanks to the students for visiting!