Open Volunteer Positions

The open positions include but are not limited to:

Guest Relations

Docent- Docents provide customers and supporters with tours and information on the HSEP.

Kennel Assistant- Kennel Assistants help keep the kennels clean and comfortable; additionally, kennel assistants on the Guest Relations Track will also serve as greeters in each of the kennels and Meow House.

Help Desk Operator- Follow the Help Desk Manual and answer customers’ general questions.

Adoption Counselor- Serve as a dog or cat matchmaker and help the shelter animals find their fur-ever families.

Animal Welfare

Laundry/ Newspaper unfolding volunteer- Hang out in or near the laundry room to wash, fold, and sort laundry, and unfold newspaper for the sick rooms and clinic.

Kennel Assistant- Kennel Assistants help keep the kennels clean and comfortable.

Microchip packet volunteer- Microchip packet volunteers help put together the microchip packets.

Critter Sitter- Hang out with your favorite dog in their kennel! Read to them, talk to them, and give a few treats.

Dog walker- Dog walkers walk the dogs following all HSEP protocols. Help the dogs to become well-mannered, easy to walk, adoptable pets; also, give them the opportunity to potty outside of their kennel.

Cat volunteer- Cat volunteers play with felines in the playroom, the Catio, the playboxes, and give them love and attention in their condos.

Enrichment Assistant- Coming soon!

Best Buddy- Best buddies take dogs on field trips!

Mentor- Mentors help their fellow volunteer ascend the volunteer ranks.

Community Outreach/ Development

Career Day Speaker- Career Day Speakers speak to kiddos of various ages about volunteering at the HSEP and being good pet parents.

Info Table Presenter- Info Table presenters man info tables at a variety of events, providing information on the HSEP, adoption, and responsible pet guardianship.

Special Event Assistant- Assistants help at the HSEP’s Signature Events, such as K-9 Classic, Telethon, and Yappy Hour.

Development Assistant- Development assistants help to keep donor relations strong, and increase and diversify the donor base.

Digital Marketing Assistant- Digital Marketing Assistants help keep the HSEP website current and fun.

Social Media Assistant- Social Media assistants help keep the HSEP social current and fun.


Off-site Adoption Event Assistant- Volunteers will assist at HSEP Offsite Adoption Events at locations all over the community.

Site Lead- Site Leads run the Offsite Adopt Events, under the supervision of the Offsite Adoption Event Coordinator.

Retail Partner Cat Care- Volunteers will care for the HSEP’s cat who reside at the Retail Partners, such as Petco.

Off-site driver- Drivers are needed to help deliver animals and supplies to off-site locations.


Grooming Assistant- Grooming Assistants will aid staff groomer in beautifying HSEP rescues.

Clerical Assistant- Clerical Assistants provide backup for Front Office staff and Administrative Assistant

Nursery Assistant- Coming soon!

Photographer- Photographers will be asked to snap photos of adoptable pets, as well as photographer special events and off-sites.